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Following the completion of a DestinationNEXT assessment for the city, Tourism Toronto called on us to provide a clear vision and set of collective strategies for the organization. 


Welcoming over 27.5 million visitors annually, Toronto is the leading tourism destination in Canada. This bold, dynamic city offers superb attractions, music and events backed by the best convention and sports facilities in Canada. However, Tourism Toronto was determined not to rest on its laurels and ensure their relevance in a dynamic environment.


Our approach began with a detailed review of the DestinationNEXT assessment to understand the key issues and opportunities facing the destination. We then facilitated a workshop with the organization’s board of directors and key stakeholders to determine an ideal future scenario for the visitor economy and prioritize the strategies to reach that scenario.


The Strategic Plan set forth a clear vision for the organization and prioritized the strategies that would lead to an ideal future scenario for the destination. Those ideal scenarios included a stronger partnership with the City of Toronto, an expanded convention center and headquarters hotels, increased public support for tourism and new experience development particularly along the city’s waterfront. Four strategic goals were developed for the organization:

  1. Delivering balanced growth to the visitor economy
  2. Strengthen strategic partnerships and stakeholder relationships
  3. Increasing awareness and support for tourism
  4. Establishing an active role in destination management and product development
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