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Striving to be one of the best, most professional and reliable business events destinations in the world, Wonderful Copenhagen asked us to develop a new specific strategy for MICE tourism.


Overall, Copenhagen has been success­ful in establishing itself as one of the leading destinations for international meetings and congresses. Copenhagen has maintained a position as one of the world’s busiest and best-established congress destina­tions with an annual top 10-15 ranking with ICCA, and a growth in the number of won congress bids. However, there had been a decline in the total room nights of won congress bids, challenging the overall results for the destination as well as the Meetingplace network model.


During the development of the 2020 strategic plan for Meetingplace, a thorough benchmark analysis was conducted with all stakeholders within the network. Copenhagen was found to be a “mountaineer” destination with above average destination strength and slightly below average community support and engagement. Workshops were held with industry and community leaders to discuss key challenges and opportunities along with several sessions with the Senior Management Team and the Board of Directors to discuss potential strategies.


The resulting plan, entitled “Copenhagen Means Business”, set forth a clear direction for Copenhagen encapsulating the next four-year period 2017-2020. The plan outlined a “top strategic priority is to deliver on the needs of our clients, thus generating growth for our partners and for the metropolitan region, Greater Copenhagen, as a whole.” 

In order to succeed in the global competition, the plan outlined 3 key strategic areas: 

  1. Revitalization of the destination brand
  2. Increased conversion of business opportunities 
  3. Stronger community engagement 

The plan received international recognition for its inclusion of stronger, more strategic and continuous community engagement efforts directed at three key stakeholder groups: the public (including citizens), the scientific community and relevant foundations.

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