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The Strategic Plan for Greater Miami and the Beaches is a 5-year roadmap to outline how the local tourism and hospitality industry can navigate a future ripe with new opportunities amid those challenges.


Greater Miami and the Beaches has evolved into one of the most diverse and dynamic destinations in the world in little more than a generation. The fusion of Latin, Caribbean, African and European influences has elevated Greater Miami on the world stage with a bravado uniquely its own, attracting a wide cross-section of visitors from around the globe.

Today, Greater Miami has entered a new era where it must address numerous challenges brought about by its status and success as a global destination. Specifically, with regard to the visitor economy, there are complex issues relating to mobility, workforce development, inclusivity, affordability and sustainability that require the public and private sectors to collaborate more intentionally than ever before.


Our approach convened key industry stakeholders, elected officials and hundreds of residents across the county. The collective mission during the eight-month process was to determine how to best drive the visitor economy forward, identify new opportunities to elevate the visitor experience and enhance the organization’s role and relevancy. At the same time, it was critical that the development of the Strategic Plan would be a community-led initiative to ensure the organization’s efforts continue to align with community priorities in the strongest possible way.


The Strategic Plan outlined six primary strategic goals supported by more than 40 actionable initiatives for the organization to focus on in the next five years. 

  • Strategic Sales & Marketing
  • Proactive Destination Management
  • Improved Hospitality Culture
  • Enhanced Mobility
  • Stronger Community Alignment
  • Long-Term Organizational Sustainability

In October of 2019, the Board of Directors ratified the Strategic Plan unanimously, with strong support & buy-in from key industry and community leaders. The Plan included critical recommendations to increase local in-state marketing programs; integrate economic development and resiliency initiatives in their business events; implement next-generation customer service experience training, and expand the education and engagement of local residents.

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