Upon completing a province-wide DestinationNEXT Assessment, Travel Manitoba engaged MMGY NextFactor to create their Provincial Tourism Strategy.


Manitoba’s current tourism sector contribution to provincial GDP is just over 3%, in comparison to current average GDP contribution figures of more than 6% by Canada’s tourism sector overall, and more than 10% by the tourism sector worldwide. Clearly, there is an opportunity for Manitoba’s tourism sector to further increase its provincial impact and its economic contribution to GDP. 

With this in mind, the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce, Travel Manitoba and the Manitoba Government have partnered to consult industry stakeholders and core customers on development of a new Provincial Tourism Strategy that can convert this


Our approach was based on extensive research, analysis and community engagement. Input from tourism industry leaders, elected officials, residents, visitors and clients, as well as involvement from the next generation of tourism industry and community leaders, was instrumental in creating the plan’s initiatives and recommendations. The Provincial Tourism Strategy also considered key recommendations found in other planning initiatives that are underway or were recently completed.


A series of goals and initiatives were designed for the Provincial Tourism Strategy to support the delivery of Manitoba’s future vision. These goals and initiatives provide a focused framework of tangible actions and desired outcomes for stakeholders to collaborate on and embrace together. Each goal and initiative was carefully crafted, and then validated and prioritized by provincial stakeholders. The 5 goals included:

  1. Lead Brand & Market Positioning
  2. Invest in Destination & Experience Development
  3. Improve Transportation & Connectivity
  4. Foster Collaboration
  5. Build Public Support for Tourism

The plan was approved by the Board of Directors from Travel Manitoba and the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce as well as Manitoba’s Minister of Growth, Enterprise, & Trade. This was the first time all three organizations came together to guide the development of such a plan, which included initiatives on: market positioning; experience development; collaboration and public engagement.

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