Stakeholders in Monterrey, Mexico were looking for a tool to help them create a collaborative vision and strategy for the destination.


With the aim of outlining the strategy for the future of Monterrey, the Nuevo León AC Tourism Cluster, Nuevo León Tourism Development Corporation, Nuevo León Ministry of Economy and Labor, and Monterrey Convention and Visitors Bureau joined together to define the region’s strengths, opportunities and strategies.


Stakeholders joined leaders from the various organizations for a workshop to discuss the trends outlined in the DestinationNEXT Futures Study and take part in a destination scenario model and assessment. Results were shared with the stakeholders in real time and a subsequent discussion on the implications for the destinations’ strategy was held.


The scenario model and destination assessment exercise allowed stakeholders to collaboratively develop a strategic future for Monterrey. “The fact that all the stakeholders of the tourism Industry were sitting at a table defining the plan for the future speaks to how well the management of the destination is coordinated. Being able to involve the entire value chain is very important to develop an inclusive public policy and a strategic plan towards 2025 for the Monterrey destination,” said Juan Carlos Zuazua, President of the Nuevo León Tourism Cluster and CEO of Vivaaerobus.

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